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The following experts are happy to be contacted by media for interviews about their area of professional expertise, or comment on current events.

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Photo Name Title Expertise Contact
Yanyan Hong
Yanyan Hong PhD Candidate Bollywood; Indian cinema; global media and China; intercultural communication Media office
Kannan Govindan
Chair Professor and Director Supply chain resilience; green supply chain management; sustainable supply chain management; reverse logistics; digital supply chain; circular economy; circular supply chain;industry 4.0; sustainable and smart manufacturing; SDGs; ESG; Net Zero 0478 269 642
Grace Waye-Harris
Research Fellow Fashion diplomacy; historical dress; Henry VIII; the Tudors; the Renaissance; courtly politics,spectacle and performance, late medieval Europe, sixteenth-century ceremonial armour Media office
Isaiah Luc
Isaiah Luc Mr Health technology assessment; health economics; cost-effectiveness of health; pharmaceutical benefits scheme; pharmaceutical benefits advisory committee; epidemiology; public health 0411 752 190
Jared Dmello
Senior Lecturer of Criminology Criminology; Terrorism; Public Policy; LGBTQ+; hate crimes; inequality; gangs; gun violence; international 0430 009 314
Kate Sansome
Kate Sansome Marketing Research Fellow Transparency; marketing; branding; circular economy; food waste; fashion and textiles; digital marketing; marketing for social change; corporate social responsibility; consumer wellbeing; ethical marketing 0403 559 894
Abi Thirumanickam
Dr Game-based intervention, augmentative and alternative communication, disability and accessibility, technology
child and adolescent health and well-being, accessible interventions
Media office
Ori Henderson-Sapir
Ori Henderson-Sapir Dr Lasers Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Lecturer in Curatorial and Museum Studies Archaeology (Egypt, Middle East, Classical/Mediterranean, Indigenous, Pacific, South Asia, Africa), Cultural anthropology, Museums, Cultural Heritage, Sustainability and Climate Change, Indigenous Heritage Media office
Katherine Roff
Katherine Roff PhD Student Solutions journalism; constructive journalism; inclusive pedagogy in journalism education; media education Media office
Lidwien Verdegaal
Dr Thermoregulation, heat stress, exertional heat illness, heat stroke, sport horse medicine, equine medicine, horse transportation, equine welfare, Equine Glanders disease Media office
Christopher Sumby
Professor of Chemistry Chemistry; Materials Chemistry; Porous Materials; Nanomaterials; Gas Storage and Separation; Clean Energy Technology; Carbon Capture and Utilization; Hydrogen Storage Media office
Mauida Al Khallawi
Mauida Al Khallawi Academic Researcher (Ph.D.) Tissue Culture Research and Development, Microbiology-including Mycoplasma Research, Antimicrobial Resistance and MIC Testing, Life Science, Biodiversity. Media office
Charlotte Lassaline
Charlotte Lassaline PhD Student Terrestrial invertebrate trade, exotic invertebrate pet trade

0478 913 000

Jessica Ford
Jessica Ford Dr Feminism; popular culture; television; musicals; social media; film; digital culture; popular music

0409 566 720

Manjula Dissanayake
Manjula Dissanayake Dr Technology Innovation; Commercialisation; EdTech; Business Sustainability Media office
Tiffany Lee De Sousa Machado
Dr Leadership; Adaptive Leadership; Wellbeing; Women's Perinatal Health; Social Entrepreneurship

0410 943 873

Carmel Pascale
Doctor History of twentieth century Australia; South Australian history; commemorative events and national holidays; nationalism, history of imperialism in Australia; ideas of Britishness; Australia's relationship with Britain and the empire; Federation. Media office
Abbas Zeinijahromi
Abbas Zeinijahromi Associate Professor Petroleum engineering;Carbon capture and storage; Underground hydrogen storage Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Abel Santos Associate Professor Structural engineering of nanoporous materials by electrochemical oxidation (anodisation); photocatalysis and energy; nanophotonics and plasmonics; optical sensing and biosensing 0410 047 490
Chloe Frick
PhD Candidate Translocations; Australian Wildlife; Mammal trapping; Ecology; Animal monitoring and telemetry. 0422 247 377
Peter Koulizos
Peter Koulizos Mr Residential property; property investment; property development; housing

0412 781 236
Lucy Stone
Lucy Stone Dr

Children’s books, children’s drawings and writings, childhood reading, children and childhood, children’s responses to war, migration and refugee history, Holocaust

Media office
Adam Loch
Adam Loch Associate Professor Water economics; environmental economics; agriculture; irrigation; transaction costs; risk and uncertainty; water governance; Murray-Darling Basin issues 0412 178 162
Emma Miller
Associate Professor
Public Health management of COVID-19;alcohol use and cancer;hepatitis C and sexually transmissible infections
Media office
Adam Montagu
Adam Montagu Associate Professor Simulation; nursing; health professions education; health care simulation Media office
Alan Collins
Alan Collins Professor Earth sciences; geology; plate tectonics; earthquakes; earth systems science; mountain building; chemistry of the earth; evolution of life; deep time; plate tectonic controls in evolution; Gondwana; flinders Ranges; Australian geology 0408 916 965
Alec Zuo
Alec Zuo Associate Professor Water market; water trading; agricultural economics & policy; environment and resource economics
Agricultural product exports to China
Media office
Alexandra Whittaker
Alexandra Whittaker Doctor Animal law; animal welfare; research animals; animal behaviour and cognition Media office
Ali Pourmousavi Kani
Ali Pourmousavi Kani Senior Lecturer Renewable energy; electricity market; power system transmission and distribution; electric vehicles; battery storage; electrification Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Amanda Josephine Poprzeczny Doctor High risk obstetrics, women's health, obstetrics, antenatal care Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Doctor Housing; health; social determinants; wellbeing; mental health; social policy Media office
Amy Dwyer
Amy Dwyer Doctor Breast cancer; hormone signalling; androgens; androgen receptor 0450 332 371
Andrew Gardner
Andrew Gardner Doctor Mental health nursing; mental health of young people; professional boundaries in health care; boundary violations by health care professionals 0437 910 750
Andrew Lowe
Andrew Lowe Professor Biodiversity; environment; climate change; invasive species; ecosystem services; evolution; deforestation; illegal logging; conservation; restoration; benefits from nature; natural capital; genetic diversity 0434 607 705
Andrew Somogyi
Andrew Somogyi Professor Health; precision medicine; pharmacogenomics; pain; opioids; medicines; drug regulation 0404 498 686
Awaiting photo (woman)
Anita Brunacci Senior Associate Family law; South Australian Law Reform Institute/SALRI reports Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Anne-Lise Chaber Doctor Wildlife health; emerging infectious disease; infectious disease prevention; detection; and management at the animal-human interface; public health; biodiversity; prevention and response to the emergence of zoonotic diseases and pandemic Media office
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas AC FAA Elder Professor Nuclear physics; high energy particle physics; quark structure of matter; symmetries; neutron stars; pulsars; Standard Model; dark matter Media office
Bastien Llamas
Bastien Llamas Associate Professor Ancient DNA; paleogenomics; archaeogenomics; human evolution; Indigenous genomics; evolutionary medicine; animal extinction 0411 539 426
Beth Nosworthy
Beth Nosworthy Associate Professor Corporate law; directors' duties; business structures; corporate governance; corporate social responsibility; Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Media office
Brian Ng
Brian Ng Associate Professor Radars Media office
Bronwyn Gillanders
Bronwyn Gillanders Professor Marine biology/ecology; fisheries science; Environment 0417 036 235
Cambrey Oliver Payne
Cambrey Payne Postgraduate Researcher Autism; autistic advocacy; autism in education; critical autism studies; autism and culture; autism research; autism and gender; autism and queer identities; disability studies; transgender and gender diversity; queer politics; identity politics 0422 731 957
Cameron Shearer
Cameron Shearer Doctor Hydrogen; pollutant remediation; PFAS; renewable energy; nanotechnology Media office
Carolyn Semmler
Carolyn Semmler Associate Professor Human interaction with AI; social media and informational influence; cognitive performance and distress; immune challenge and cognition; augmenting human thinking; meat consumption and attitudes towards animals; ethical decision making Media office
Charlie Hargroves
Charlie Hargroves Doctor Sustainable development; sustainable transport; renewable energy; energy storage; decentralised energy; applied blockchain; industrial hemp; medicinal Cannabis Media office
Christina Bursill
Christina Bursill Associate Professor Heart disease; heart attack; atherosclerosis; healthy hearts Media office
Christopher Graves
Christopher Graves Associate Professor Family business; family enterprise; exit and succession planning; business resilience and recovery Media office
Christopher Preston
Christopher Preston Doctor Weed control; herbicides; herbicide resistance; genetically-modified crops Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Clemence Due Associate Professor Refugee and migrant health and wellbeing; grief and loss; bereavement care following stillbirth and perinatal loss; arts and health including performer and audience wellbeing Media office
Colin Trengove
Colin Trengove Doctor Cattle; sheep and goat health and nutrition; Livestock macro and trace element nutrition / deficiency; farm animal grazing management; soil; plants; water; animal health analysis 0418 808 045
Cornelia Koch
Senior Lecturer Referendum; First Nations Voice; constitutional change Media office
Daniel Marc Rossetto
Daniel Marc Rossetto Mr Carbon markets; energy policy; climate policy; international business; finance; circular economy; ESG; agribusiness; international development; UNFCCC climate negotiations Media office
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Associate Professor Blood cancer; cancer survivorship; haematology; oncology; immunotherapy; cancer and diet; Myelofibrosis; Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 0458 572 475
Darren Taljaard
Darren Taljaard Mr Graphic design; typography; dyslexia; visual communication design; information design 0414 331 449
David Adamson
David Adamson Senior Lecturer Agricultural economics; biosecurity; water; climate change; international trade 0434 963 038
David Huang
David Huang Associate Professor Theoretical chemistry; computational chemistry; organic semiconductors; organic photovoltaics; nanofluidics Media office
David Hunter
David Hunter Senior Lecturer Ethics;bioethics;medical ethics;health care distribution;political philosophy;public health ethics; research ethics;ethics of new technologies;ethics of regulation 0447 040 418
David Kroll
David Kroll Doctor Architecture; sustainable design; architectural heritage; housing design 0450 493 365
David Rafferty
Doctor Ancient history; pre-modern political history; Romans; Ancient Greeks; history of democracy 0430 053 815
Derek Abbott
Derek Abbott Professor Renewables; photonics; forensic genealogy; forensics; space science; biomedical engineering; probability and chance; physics; puzzles; understanding the scientific method; media reporting of science; topical science debates Media office
Diego Garcia-Bellido
Diego Garcia-Bellido Associate Professor Fossils; early animals; evolution; invertebrates; arthropods; trilobites; palaeontology; Ediacaran; Cambrian; Ordovician 0404 426 249
Douglas Bardsley
Douglas Bardsley Associate Professor Climate change adaptation; natural resource and hazard management including bushfires; environmental risk and education; agricultural development; risk and food security; community attitudes towards biodiversity conservation and environmental risk Media office
Duygu Yengin
Duygu Yengin Associate Professor Gender gap, gender equity, women in the economy and business, gender responsive budgeting, women in leadership, compulsory acquisition of land, strata sales, game theory, auctions. Media office
Elaine Fox
Elaine Fox Professor Resilience; adolescent mental health; mental agility/flexibility; emotions Media office
Ember Catherine Corpuz
Ms Women in leadership; social psychology of leadership; social psychology of wellbeing in the workplace; social identity; gender psychology; social psychology of motivation; industrial and organisational psychology; justice; mental health; culture Media office
Emily Kate Dollman
Emily Dollman Doctor Music education; instrumental pedagogy; music; health and wellbeing; classical music community engagement; teaching artistry; El Sistema; UK Music Hubs; symphony orchestras; operas and community engagement; regional music 0458 851 670
Emma Sherratt
Emma Sherratt Doctor Evolutionary biology; amphibians; caecilians; reptiles; rabbits and hares; biodiversity; animal evolution 0423 419 966
Eric Fusil
Eric Fusil Associate Professor Submarines (nuclear or diesel-electric powered); nuclear naval reactor; shipbuilding; naval architecture; maritime engineering; defence 0402 650 946
Awaiting photo (woman)
Esma Dogramaci Doctor dentistry; braces; orthodontics; dental trauma; smile improvement; oral health-related quality of life; breastfeeding; non-nutritive sucking; psychosocial outcomes; dental behaviours; dental knowledge; patient-related outcomes; scientometrics Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Evan Smith Doctor History of political extremism in Australia and United Kingdom; social movements in Australia and United Kingdom; history of border control and immigration; free speech & activism at universities; the history of national security in Australia & United Kingdom; Australian/British politics Media office
Firmin Doko Tchatoka
Firmin Doko Tchatoka Professor Causal inference and machine learning; identification of macroeconomic structural shocks; the housing market; model selection; forecasting; Big Data; social networks 0466 400 714
Francis Donnelly
Associate Professor Nursing; nursing education; nursing workforce Media office
Gabrielle Elisabeth Golding
Gabrielle Golding Doctor Employment law; labour law; employment contract law; contract law 0400 391 272
Gary Wittert
Gary Wittert Professor and Director Obesity and related chronic disease; men's health including testosterone; erectile dysfunction; lower urinary tract symptoms 0409 411 789
George Mihaylov
George Mihaylov Doctor Household finance; self-managed superannuation funds/SMSFs Media office
George Torbay
George Torbay Mr Musical theatre; music education; actor training 0421 245 665
Giuseppe Tettamanzi
Giuseppe Tettamanzi Doctor Applied superconductivity; nanoelectronics; semiconductor physics; many-body physics; microelectronics and device engineering; thin films and nanotechnology; thin film deposition; device physics; and semiconductor slectronics Media office
Guy Ludbrook
Guy Ludbrook Professor Health services improvement, health economics, clinical trials, development of medicines and medical devices, anaesthesia, perioperative medicine 0413 817 901
Awaiting photo (man)
Guy Maddern Professor Surgery; new medical and surgical technologies; rural surgery; surgical training Media office
Hannah Rose Wardill
Hannah Rose Wardill Doctor Symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment; supportive cancer care; cancer survivorship / quality of life; gut microbiota / gut microbiome / gut bacteria; gut health; gut-brain communication; faecal microbiota transplantation 0476 870 643
Harriet Gray
PhD Candidate Marketing; social media influencers; social purpose; business for good; consumer empowerment; social enterprise; branding for social change; marketing for social change 0407 090 759
Awaiting photo (man)
Hubertus Jersmann Professor Lung diseases: Silicosis; Asthma; COPD/endobronchial valves; vaping; bushfire smoke; climate change and health 0408 440 604
Hussain Rammal
Professor International Business; Belt andRoad Initiative; International Services; Knowledge Management; International Market Opportunities andStrategies; International Business & Politics; Pakistan; South Asia; Religiosity andBusiness; Islamic banking andfinance 0402 148 142
Awaiting photo (man)
Iain Searle Associate Professor mRNA; RNA; epigenetics; legumes Media office
Ian Musgrave
Ian Musgrave Doctor Pharmacology; toxicology; herbal medicines 0417 059 532
Ian Olver
Ian Olver Professor Supportive care in cancer including psycho-oncology; bioethics embracing end of life issues; informed consent 0409 220 026
Awaiting photo (man)
Ivan Nagelkerken Professor Fish biology; climate change effects of marine ecosystems; mangroves; seagrasses; estuaries; coral reefs; ocean acidification 0477 320 551
Jacinta Holloway-Brown
Jacinta Holloway-Brown Doctor Statistics; machine learning; AI; satellite image analysis; data science; environmental monitoring; deforestation; land clearing; global mapping; environment; spatial statistics Media office
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Doctor Materials science; gas properties; clean energy; hydrogen storage; carbon dioxide separation; nanomaterials; future chemistry 0409 653 777
Jacqueline Clarke
Jacqueline Clarke Doctor Latin; emotions in Greco-Roman antiquity; Greco-Roman mythology; Roman poetry Media office
Jamie Wood
Jamie Wood Doctor Environmental DNA; ancient DNA; palaeoecology; extinction Media office
Jennie Shaw
Jennie Shaw Professor Academic learning and teaching; teaching excellence; academic integrity; ATAR alternatives; academic support; tertiary pathways
music: music research; music performance and creative practice; national /community arts practice
Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Jenny Couper Professor Child psychiatry ; evidence-based medicine, psychopharmacology; research ethics; conflict of interest 0418 897 530
Jenny Mortimer
Jenny Mortimer Associate Professor Plant synthetic biology; biofuels; biomaterials; plants for space; closed environment agriculture 0411 307 686
Jessica Bohorquez
Doctor Water engineering; water infrastructure projects; water resources; women in STEM; migrant professionals; migrant Engineers; water literacy Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Jessica Stanhope Doctor pain; musculoskeletal disorders; green space; musicians' health Media office
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh Doctor Critical minerals; geology; geochemistry; earth science; geoscience; net-zero future; clean energy transition Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Jim Hancock Associate Professor South Australian economy; Australian economy; Commonwealth-State financial issues; GST distribution Media office
Jodie Avery
Jodie Avery Doctor Endometriosis; polycystic ovary syndrome; women's health; fertility 0410 519 941
Awaiting photo (woman)
Jodie Yuwono Doctor Metal and alloys; green chemistry and fuels; electrochemical energy conversion and storage; corrosion; battery; catalysis; intelligent materials design and engineering; quantum mechanics Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
John Budarick Doctor Media and democracy; media and race; media and whiteness Media office
John Williams
John Williams Professor Public law; constitutional law; law reform; legal history; federalism; High Court Media office
Jonathan Baker
Jonathan Baker Doctor Business and corporate strategy; business and environmental sustainability/ESG; non-profit/not-for-profit sector; social business; social enterprise; business of performing arts 0493 417 612
Jose Bellido Caceres
Jose Bellido Caceres Doctor Astrophysics; cosmic rays; gamma rays; astroparticle detectors; solar storms 0413 897 850
Joseph Simons
Joseph Simons Lecturer Theatre; music theatre; theatre directing; dance; choreography 0432 498 020
Jozef Gecz
Jozef Gecz Professor Genomics of neurodevelopmental disability; intellectual disabilities; epilepsies; autisms and cerebral palsies
Precision genomic medicine. Rare disease diagnosis.
Media office
Katie Barclay
Katie Barclay Professor History of women; gender and family life; history of emotions; Scotland; Ireland; Britain; childhood and children; holidays; e.g. valentine's day; legal history; lawyers; sex; marriage; universities; monarchy Media office
Keith James Ransom
Doctor Social reasoning; online social influence; persuasion; consensus; misinformation; wisdom of the crowds; social media bots; detecting online influence campaigns; explainable reasoning 0439 993 301
Kerry Wilkinson
Kerry Wilkinson Professor wine; wine chemistry; wine sensory; smoke taint (the impact of bushfires on grapes and wine); flavour chemistry; edible insects; entomophaghy Media office
Kerryn Brent
Kerryn Brent Doctor Law and governance of carbon dioxide removal (negative emission) technologies; law and governance of solar geoengineering technologies; climate change law Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Kim Barbour Doctor Online identity performance; online persona; social media use; everyday social media; identity performance; gender and persona Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Kimberly Charlton Ms Wheelchair training; adult rehabilitation; aged care Media office
Laura Eadie
Doctor Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; leukaemia; drug resistance; laboratory modelling of leukaemia 0423 635 181
Awaiting photo (man)
Senior Research Fellow Exposure science; human health risk assessment; public health toxicology; occupational and environmental health Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Lewis Mitchell Professor Data science; social networks; social media; Twitter; mathematical modelling; network science Media office
Liliana Ciobanu
Liliana Ciobanu Doctor Cognitive genomics; genetics in psychiatry; neurobiology of cognitive functioning Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Lucie Walters Professor Rural medicine;medical workforce;rural medical training pathways;clinical courage 0409 692 359
Lucy Potter
Lucy Potter Associate Professor William Shakespeare; Christopher Marlowe; grammar Media office
Lukas Gerstweiler
Doctor Biomanufacturing; vaccine production; precision fermentation 0411 365 685
Luke Bennetts
Luke Bennetts Doctor Antarctic science; Southern Ocean; sea ice; ice shelves; ocean waves Media office
Lyndsey Collins-Praino
Lyndsey Collins-Praino Associate Professor Parkinson's disease; Alzheimer's disease; dementia; cognition; traumatic brain injury; ageing; biomarkers; neuroanatomy 0423 248 604
Awaiting photo (woman)
Maggie Tonkin Dr Dance, cultural policy, women's writing 0422 220 025
Malcolm Robert Pattinson
Malcolm Robert Pattinson Doctor Cyber security; governance; risks and threats (GRT); human aspects of cyber security 0407 602 782
Awaiting photo (man)
Manouchehr Haghighi Associate Professor Petroleum; natural gas; geo-zero; fracking 0435 460 175
Awaiting photo (woman)
Margaret O'Hea Doctor Near Eastern archaeology; ancient glass technology Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Mario Mongiardini Doctor Road safety; computer simulations of crash tests; crash tests Media office
Mark Bunch
Mark Bunch Senior Lecturer Geology of sedimentary basins; geological modelling; wireline logging and formation evaluation; reflection seismic survey data acquisition; processing and interpretation Media office
Mark Giancaspro
Mark Giancaspro Doctor Contract law; consumer law; blockchain and smart contracts; sports law Media office
Mark Hutchinson
Mark Hutchinson Professor neuroscience; immunology; pharmacology; drug development; neuroimmunology; glia; animal welfare; stress; depression; affective state; medical technology; biosecurity; pain; addiction; biomarkers; startups; biophotonics; agtech; human performance Media office
Martin White
Martin White Professor Particle physics; astrophysics; data science; dark matter; Large Hadron Collider; CERN Media office
Matthew Tucker
Matthew Tucker Associate Professor Barley; crop yield; seeds; genetically modified organisms; gene technology; plant biotechnology 0403 314 740
Megan Brownbill
Megan Brownbill Mrs Entrepreneurship; marketing; anagement 0420 390 873
Awaiting photo (woman)
Megan Moskos Associate Professor Indigenous housing; cashless debit card; National Disability Insurance Scheme; Indigenous research Media office
Melissa Humphries
Melissa Humphries Doctor Statistics; data science; data visualisation; mathematical psychology; modelling; holistic modelling; decision making Media office
Michael Goodsite
Michael Goodsite Professor Energy; sustainability; mining; hydrogen; supply chains; contaminants; energy systems; future energy systems; infrastructure 0466 923 654
Michael Horowitz
Michael Horowitz Professor Diabetes; endocrinology; gastric emptying; GLP-1; postprandial blood pressure; hypoglycaemia Media office
Michelle Phillipov
Michelle Phillipov Doctor New food trends; food and consumer politics; buying local; food media (including social media) Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Mobo Gao Professor Contemporary Chinese politics; Chinese culture and society; Australia-China relations; Chinese language 0404 178 417
Awaiting photo (woman)
Natasha Speight Doctor Koala health and disease Media office
Nelson Tansu
Nelson Tansu Professor Quantum engineering; quantum technologies; semiconductor technologies and microchips; power electronics; semiconductor lasers; photonics; biomedical integrated circuits; applied machine learning and AI; sustainability technologies; nanofabrications 0412 688 313
Awaiting photo (man)
Nicholas Smith Doctor Gene therapy; paediatric neurodegenerative disease; childhood dementia; neurometabolic disease; paediatric neurology Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Nicole McPherson Doctor Male fertility; infertility; reproductive health and early embryo development 0409 678 095
Nigel Antony Spooner
Nigel Antony Spooner Professor Radiation; nuclear science; radiation sensing for mining and mineral processing; materials sensing using novel fluorescence techniques for mining; chemicals; geochronology; optical dating; thermoluminescence dating; environmental evolution 0448 367 101
Nina Kantor Wootton
Post-Doctoral Researcher Marine conservation; plastic pollution; microplastic; marine protected areas; science education; marine mammals; marine biology; seafood 0488 748 250
Awaiting photo (man)
Olaide Akinwunmi Akintayo Mr Food science; plant-based milk alternatives 0478 354 220
Awaiting photo (man)
Oliver Frank Doctor General practice; primary health care; clinical informatics in general practice; preventive care in general practice; quality care in general practice 0407 181 683
Awaiting photo (man)
Padric McGee Doctor Astronomy; astrophysics; space 0406 125 984
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor Associate Professor Biodiversity conservation; ecosystem service measurement; valuation and markets; environmental stewardship; restoration ecology; carbon sequestration Media office
Paul Gregory John Moss
Paul Gregory John Moss Learning Design and Capability Manager Learning design; student engagement in learning; cognitive science in learning Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Peter Mickan Visiting Research Fellow Linguistics; education; literacy; language policy; NAPLAN; National Curriculum; Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority/ACARA; teacher education; academic literacies; teaching and learning; Barossa German; languages Media office
Peter Veitch
Peter Veitch Professor Lasers; photonics; optics; remote sensing using lasers; adaptive optics; detection of gravitational waves; LIGO project; physics Media office
Peter Zilm
Peter Zilm Associate Professor Oral microbiology; oral diseases (tooth decay & periodontal disease); oral microbiome Media office
Petra Marschner
Petra Marschner Professor Soil science; soil biology; plant nutrition Media office
Paula Moynihan
Paula Moynihan Professor Nutrition and healthier eating; sugars; diet and oral health (tooth decay; tooth loss dentures and diet); dietary intake of older people; oral health Media office
Rachel Ankeny
Rachel Ankeny Professor Ethics of controversial biotechnologies; ethical/social issues and genetic modification; stem cell research; history of biology; food ethics; consumer/community views on food; agricultural ethics; animal welfare; migrant hostels; responsible research Media office
Rachel Burton
Rachel Burton Professor Industrial hemp; medicinal cannabis; agave; Plantago (psyllium); chia; gluten-free food; dietary fibre; plant cell wall polysaccharides; GMOs and gene editing; biofuels 0419 769 713
Rachelle Kernen
Rachelle Kernen Doctor Green Energy and DEI; geological storage of hydrogen and carbon dioxide (Global, USA, Australia); Mineral exploration (Global, USA, Australia); Geoethics related to diversity; equity; inclusion; the environment 0432 776 206
Rajeev Kamineni
Rajeev Kamineni Doctor Movie business; movie entrepreneurship; resilience of movie producers 0431 202 045
Ralph-Christopher Bayer
Ralph-Christopher Bayer Professor General economics; behavioural economics; competition and pricing; economics of climate change; taxation; tax enforcement; political economy; regulation; market design; inequality and redistribution 0408 266 155
Richard Logan
Richard Logan Professor Dentistry; oral cancer; oral pathology Media office
Robert Penn Boucaut
Robert Penn Boucaut Mr Prestige film; the Academy Awards (the Oscars); film stardom; Hollywood celebrity Media office
Robin Christina Shaw
Robin Christina Shaw Course Coordinator Wine Tourism; cellar door management; wine industry trends; consumer and travel trends 0419 033 868
Roger Byard
Roger Byard Professor Forensic pathology; sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); childhood accidents and deaths; trauma; suicide; vehicle accidents; serial killing; murder-suicide; infanticide; child abuse; drowning; asphyxia; disaster victim identification Media office
Ruidong Chang
Ruidong Chang Doctor Waste management; building sector; construction industry; construction and demolition waste management; building energy consumption; climate change impacts on built environment; renewable energy in buildings Media office
Rutger de Zoete
Rutger de Zoete Doctor Neck pain; whiplash; back pain; chronic pain; physiotherapy; exercise therapy; physical exercise; pain management Media office
Samantha Schulz
Samantha Schulz Doctor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education; racial literacy; culturally responsive schooling; gender equity education 0425 033 347
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Associate Professor Adult and youth psychiatry; psychosis/schizophrenia; major depression; bipolar disorder, clinical trials in mental health; biomarkers and mental health outcome prediction; physical health and medication side effects in mental illness Media office
Scott Hawken
Scott Hawken Doctor Landscape architecture; urban design; cultural landscapes; landscape archaeology; smart cities; urban biodiversity; green and blue infrastructure Media office
Sherif Haggag
Sherif Haggag Doctor Cybersecurity; information technology; human factors; social engineering; computer science; information systems 0426 233 449
Simon Barry
Simon Barry Professor Immunology (molecular and cellular; incuding mechanisms of disease and therapeutic target discovery); autoimmunity (Type 1 diabetes); cancer immunotherapy (CAR-T); COVID (COVID SA); functional genomics and personalised medicine Media office
Awaiting photo (man)
Simon Lacey Senior Lecturer International trade; US-China rivalry in technology and trade; Australia's free trade agreements; ASEAN economic cooperation; international trade and the digital economy; trade and technology Media office
Sophie Dahlenburg
Lecturer Body image; eating disorders; LGBT+; perfectionism; borderline personality disorder Media office
Stephen Pyecroft
Stephen Pyecroft Senior Lecturer Animal pathology; veterinary disease diagnostics; fish disease; fish kills; emergency animal diseases and response management; commercial insect production; Black Soldier flies; Tasmanian devils; Devil Facial tumour disease (research and management) 0414 478 630
Steve Alan Cook
Steve Cook Senior Lecturer Virtual reality/VR; mixed reality; augmented reality; metaverse; shared virtual environments; applied game-based technology; co-located interactive content Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Associate Professor Companion animal welfare;dog attacks; companion animal behaviour Media office
Sylvia Villios
Sylvia Villios Associate Professor Tax; wills and estates; family inheritance, powers of attorney and advance care directives Media office
Awaiting photo (woman)
Tania Crotti Associate Professor Musculo skeletal research; human biology education; higher degree by research thesis structure; wellbeing in higher education Media office
Tarik Sammour
Tarik Sammour Associate Professor Colorectal surgery; bowel cancer Media office
Tatiana Soares da Costa
Tatiana Soares da Costa Doctor Agriculture; antibiotics; food security; herbicides; farming; superbugs; weeds Media office
Taylor Willmott
Doctor Social marketing; behaviour change; social change; design thinking; participatory design; community involvement and engagement; obesity and chronic disease prevention; violence prevention; young adults; health and wellbeing; sustainability; SDGs Media office
Timothy Cavagnaro
Timothy Cavagnaro Professor Soil ecology; soil science; carbon sequestration; urban agriculture 0405 536 013
Tina Bianco-Miotto
Tina Bianco-Miotto Doctor Developmental origins of health and disease; research investigating what happens early in life (pregnancy and pre-pregnancy) that may impact offspring health later in life (ie you are what your mum or grandmother ate) 0408 833 624
Toby Hughes
Toby Hughes Professor Oral health; genetics; twins; twin studies; early origins of health; biostatistics; physical anthropology; teeth; 3D modelling; child health; dental development Media office
Tom Wigley
Tom Michael Lampe Wigley Adjunct Professor Climate change; energy technology 0438 662 399
Tony Hooker
Tony Hooker Associate Professor and Director radiation; nuclear; radioactive waste; health effects of radiation; uranium mining 0439 961 018
Tracey Dodd Doctor Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Media office
Tracy Merlin
Tracy Merlin Professor Health technology assessment; evaluation and public funding of medical technologies; public health; diagnostic tests; personalised medicine; MBS; PBS; evidence-based medicine; evidence-based policy; systematic reviews and meta-analysis Media office
Val Caines
Valerie Caines Doctor Human resource management; employment; workplace relations; workforce diversity; ageing workforce; retirement; retirement planning; working after aged 50 Media office
Victoria Fielding
Victoria Fielding Doctor Media representation on politics, political communication including election campaigning Media office
Yan Tan Associate Professor International migration; diaspora and development; climate change; migration; adaptation in China and Australia; internal migration and urbanisation in China; Environment and development-induced displacement and resettlement; demographic change Media office
Yassine Souilmi
Yassine Souilmi Doctor Human evolution; adaptation; natural selection; genomics; indigenous genomics 0466 632 395
Zachary Munn
Zachary Munn Professor Combating misinformation and the importance of using research to inform decisions; making sure policy and practice recommendations are based on high quality research; how we can get research evidence into practice; fraud and error in research 0409 843 732